CEO Erica Qïng is the founder and creative behind the Erica Qïng Collection. This brand is inspired by authenticity, purpose and the knowledge for those who see themselves as “Qualified Individuals who are Naturally Great”. This collection features exclusive high-end clothing, accessories, self help books, body products and more. The purpose behind this brand is to make every individual more aware of the value within themselves while inspiring those around them. When you recognize yourself as a QÏNG, your acknowledging the fact that you are ONE of ONE. Every individual has a purpose with unique qualities destined for greatness. The Erica Qïng Collection is focused on bringing those qualities to the forefront, as well as educating people on how to strengthen those qualities. You can expect a wide collection of things that bring exclusivity and value together as one. Everything you see in the Erica Qïng Collection is a representation of what it means to be qualified in ones own purpose and be great at achieving those goals while looking and feeling good.
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